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We inspire significant growth using innovative outreach approaches.

Change Makers: Absolute Consulting Group

At Absolute Consulting Group, we come together to pursue new avenues of connection. Our area of expertise? Companies that put clean energy solutions and telecommunication solutions into the hands of communities across Ohio.

Our aim is to promote services that enhance lives using the full breadth of our consulting and marketing skills, and in doing so to build a greener world.

We’ve expanded into the OHIO market.

How does this happen? It starts with partner companies like Inspire Energy. They make sustainable energy an option for businesses and homeowners. We amplify their ability to affect change.

We’re leveraging our power to build a cleaner planet. Join with us to create a more eco-friendly, and technology forward future.

Absolute Consulting Group’s methods underpin all our successful campaigns. Learn more about them today.

Absolute Consulting Group: The Heart of What We Do

Inspire Energy and other technology and telecommunication companies trusts our team at Absolute Consulting Group to be the loudest advocate in our region. We help customers see alternative solutions as an exciting option that’s affordable and rewarding. Together, we make new solutions like sustainable energy the easy choice.