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Absolute Consulting Group: Passionate Advocacy for Clean Solutions

How Absolute Consulting Group Puts Smart Technology and Telecommunications in the Spotlight

At Absolute Consulting Group, our top priority is bringing awareness to the renewable technologies and clean energy options that Inspire Energy offers. We want them to have the biggest possible impact and are able to do so with our representation of telecommunication companies nationwide.

Our team is driven by a passion for doing good by the world. We’ve gathered individuals who are dedicated to Absolute Consulting Group’s overriding mission, which is to help people live more sustainable and technology forward lives. We act as the connector between companies and consumers who desire new solutions. We focus on making it easy to choose green options by championing intelligent technologies like wind power, smart locks, and smart thermostats. We’re at the forefront of a clean energy movement, and it shows in all our actions.

We bring our client’s visions to fruition. The customer acquisition campaigns we create are tailored to connect with people where they live, and we do that by using innovative methods to customize the solutions we provide to targeted groups. The bonds we create are meaningful to all parties involved, and that drives our impact upward.

Absolute Consulting Group Acts as a Voice for Clean Energy and Telecommunication Strategies

Our goal at Absolute Consulting Group is to bring attention to affordable smart telecommunication technologies and wind energy. Our people are enthusiastic about their work because this cause is at the heart of our mission. Using our collective energy, we provide the right information to help people choose smart and green options – a decision that ultimately benefits their homes, businesses, and the planet. We make connections that lead to a better future.

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Guiding Principles of Absolute Consulting Group


Our team at Absolute Consulting Group is brimming with individuals who are energetic, intelligent, and passionate. As customer acquisition experts, we continually bring our clients to new heights of success.


We are not interested in the status quo at Absolute Consulting Group. The executives leading our team hold each other to a high standard and insist on taking calculated risks to move campaigns forward. This has made ours a defining presence in the industry.


Team members don’t go it alone at Absolute Consulting Group. We all have one thing in common: we’re committed to energizing customer acquisition campaigns. We rely on our colleagues because of the teamwork mind-set we’ve carefully cultivated.


We want to see action as a result of our Absolute Consulting Group campaigns. Acting as a voice for causes that impact the planet for the better, we channel our talent toward changing the world.