Absolute Consulting Group on Switching to Green Energy

Our team at Absolute Consulting Group is passionate about helping the world shift to green energy. The benefits of doing so are numerous, from improved health to clearer skies. Here are a few landmark shifts occurring now:


  • Renewables Are Bringing Energy to Remote Places: The ability to generate energy in a viable fashion greatly increases the standard of living in remote areas. Moreover, using that energy well by coupling renewable generation sources with LED lights and efficient appliances means rural villages are enjoying the ability to read at night and have clean running water. Such luxuries would otherwise be impossible.
  • Clean Air Is Improving Public Health: If you’ve ever been to an over-crowded city on a hot summer day, you’ve inhaled pollution. If you’ve tried to go fishing recently, you’ve seen signs showing which fish you shouldn’t eat because they’re full of mercury. Moving toward renewable energy sources means these will no longer be public health concerns. Not only do we want to breathe easier, Absolute Consulting Group team members want to be able to drink the water, eat the fish, and grow healthier vegetables.
  • Clean Energy Is Creating Jobs: Coal and nuclear plants are largely automated and run by experts, but installing a solar array on your home is a job a skilled laborer can learn. Renewable energy brings skilled, local jobs back.


Absolute Consulting Group’s team believes that it’s up to everyone to take steps to improve the climate. Think about where you can make the most impact and get started. This could be anything from walking to work, putting a solar panel on your roof, or replacing your lights with LED. Head in the right direction, and together we can make the planet cleaner and healthier.