Absolute Consulting Group’s Favorite Travel Apps

Business travel pays off big in a variety of ways, both for the overall health of your business and the development of your associates. We send Absolute Consulting Group team members on a wide range of business trips, and we have discovered a few helpful apps along the way. Take advantage of these resources the next time you hit the road for business:


  • TripIt: This is one of the original and still most useful travel apps, and we at Absolute Consulting Group would be lost without it. TripIt cobbles together all your confirmations for hotels, flights, and whatever other bookings you’ve made in one place, and the paid Pro version gives you all kinds of helpful updates as well.


  • Evernote: Another well-known resource, Evernote helps you keep all your brainstorms, memos, and research items in one digital notebook. It also makes it easy for you to collaborate on projects when you’re far from the office.


  • AroundMe: This app is a recent discovery here at Absolute Consulting Group, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. AroundMe helps you locate services when you’re in an unfamiliar city, and it also provides you with map directions, contact info, and website details. When you need to find a parking garage, ATM, or gas station during your travels, AroundMe is a lifesaver.


We hope you will install these helpful apps before your next business excursion.