Building Our Networks in Dallas

At the recent Top Gun Conference in Dallas, we had amazing opportunities to expand our Absolute Consulting Group networks. Richard, our firm’s Managing Director, took our top leaders with him to this national conference. The event brought together some of the sharpest minds in our industry, so our people did their best to soak up valuable insights on a range of topics.

Richard explained that there were priceless lessons in networking, team building, and many other business topics shared during the conference. We love to collaborate around the Absolute Consulting Group office, so the tips we gathered in Dallas are sure to impact our work in a variety of positive ways.

Through our many experiences at big industry events, we’ve discovered a few simple strategies that fuel networking success. Perhaps the most important thing to do is enter a networking situation with the right mind-set. From our view, this means focusing more on what we can offer potential contacts than what they can do for us. When we set a selfless tone by providing some kind of assistance right off the bat, we pave the way for a lasting beneficial connection.

We’ve also become stronger listeners through our networking exploits. We give the other person the floor when we set out to expand our contact lists. By posing open-ended questions, we keep prospective connections talking about themselves and increase our chances of being remembered in a positive light.

The Top Gun Conference was the latest example of our commitment to growth through travel. Follow Absolute Consulting Group on Twitter to get updates on our rewarding team trips.