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Our success is built on a foundation of joyful teamwork.

Find a Place at Absolute Consulting Group

Absolute Consulting Group is a home for individuals who are passionate about what they do. By leveraging our collective experience, we heighten our impact on the planet.

Absolute Consulting Group Lets Passion for Clean Energy Shine

There are many ways to go about improving the world. We offer opportunities to explore them at Absolute Consulting Group. Our customer acquisition specialists are encouraged to express their enthusiasm for the causes about which they care. We intensify their impact by guiding them toward methods for creating real solutions to those issues.

Professional Development With Real-World Impact

At Absolute Consulting Group, our team’s enthusiasm is channeled into getting people interested in alternative energy solutions and new telecommunication methods. By training our team members to become expert presenters and business thinkers, we effectively enlarge markets. Our secret is to inspire consumers and business leaders to use easy, affordable tools to live greener lives.


When one person wins at Absolute Consulting Group, everyone wins. It’s the result of an atmosphere of coaching, full of opportunities for our people to hone their leadership skills. When they’ve reached the pinnacle, they guide new members. We’re continually learning, and continually giving back.

Our secret is to inspire consumers and business leaders to use easy, affordable tools to live greener lives.

Real Bonds That Don’t Fade

We take pride in promoting clean energy solutions, and telecommunication technology. Our shared passion is what motivates us every day. It makes Absolute Consulting Group a joyful place to work. Our energy shines in all we do, and because of the way we’ve bonded over our commitment to new solutions, we’re like family. We celebrate our growth by attending industry events, participating in group activities, and enjoying tropical retreats.

Champion Clean Energy With Absolute Consulting Group

Every conversation we have with consumers gets them one step closer to choosing sustainable solutions and changing the world. Join Absolute Consulting Group today to help make a real impact by sending your cover letter and resume to careers@absoluteconsultinggroupinc.com

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