Effective Strategies for Second Interviews

Being invited to a second interview is a sure sign that you’re a top contender for a position – and that your competition has been vastly reduced. With a few extra efforts, you may just land yourself an offer. There are several strategies that help Absolute Consulting Group candidates succeed in their second interviews. Give them a try for yourself:

• Prepare an Ice Breaker: Instead of sitting quietly and waiting for the hiring manager to begin the discussion, why not take the initiative and do it yourself? From our experience filling roles for Absolute Consulting Group, we’ve learned that doing so will convey interest and enthusiasm.

• Have an Angle: Think about what you have that no other applicants can offer. Maybe you’re uniquely skilled in event-planning, for instance, or perhaps you’re known for your public speaking prowess. Whatever it is, be prepared to explain how it will benefit the company.

• Do Your Salary Prep: It’s a good sign when the hiring manager mentions salary. Always be ready to discuss your requirements. This is a matter of researching common pay rates in your field and for your experience level.

• Ask Questions: The meeting is a place for two-way conversation. You’re expected to answer questions, but you can ask them as well. You might inquire about the office culture, the measurement of success, or the availability of ongoing training.

Use these strategies to make an impact during your second interview. Follow Absolute Consulting Group on Newswire for more career development ideas.