Green Start-Ups Absolute Consulting Group Admires

Green energy is our passion at Absolute Consulting Group, which means that we’re always scouring the latest press releases to learn about companies across the globe that are making a huge positive impact on the planet. We’ve recently learned about many British start-ups that are taking green tech to the next level. Here are a few we greatly admire:

  • PodPoint: PodPoint has been on the forefront of electric vehicles since 2009, when the venture was launched by Erik Fairbairn. His vision was to inspire people to invest in electric vehicles, and he’s succeeded. PodPoint now provides charging stations across the planet and helps over 75,000 electric cars on the roads in Britain. Is yours one of them?
  • Olio: Food waste is an issue that’s near and dear to our hearts at Absolute Consulting Group, so we’ve designed our office policies to eliminate as much of it as possible. Olio is an app designed to do the same thing, only on a community-wide scale. Founder Tessa Cook got fed up with the fact that a third of groceries end up in the trash, and Olio was the result. One hundred thousand items have been saved just in 2016.
  • MacRebur: Those of us who commute by car to our Absolute Consulting Group office can attest to the frustration that comes along with road construction. Founders Toby Reid and Nick Burnett set out to kill two birds with one stone – create cheaper, more durable road surfaces and reuse plastic waste. Their process makes roads out of cast-off plastic –sustainability at its best!

We salute the efforts of these businesses across the pond, and will be following their success closely!