How Hard Work Is the Foundation of Our Growth

Travel is an exciting part of the Absolute Consulting Group experience. We journey away from the office for a variety of reasons, such as conferences, cross-training, and, most recently, to test new markets in Columbus and Cleveland for potential expansion.

Richard, Absolute Consulting Group’s Managing Director, has tapped two of his top producers for these missions. He has full faith in their capabilities and knows they will take every step to be as successful as possible. The prospect of expanding into two new areas has created tremendous buzz around the office, and Richard could not be more thrilled to see our firm’s hard work coming to fruition.

In fact, the subject of hard work came up in a meeting recently, and an interesting discussion ensued. People often talk about working hard as a virtue, but here are some of the reasons we think effort matters.

First, it’s the currency by which we pay for success. By that, we don’t just mean being rich – It’s possible to buy or inherit wealth. When we earn our way to the top though, we reap other riches as well, such as character and self-discipline.

Similarly, when it seems like some people keep getting lucky, it’s most likely the result of hard work. Behind what appears to be overnight success are often unseen hours of toil involved. It seems to be a universal principle that the harder we focus on something, the more often opportunities in that area arise.

These are just a few of our thoughts on the value of diligence as we embark on our expansion efforts. Find out more about our commitment to values by liking Absolute Consulting Group on Facebook.