We’re Heading to the Heart of Texas

Around the Absolute Consulting Group office, we’re excited about the upcoming Dallas Conference. The gathering, which takes place in February, will provide attendees with amazing learning and networking opportunities. Richard, our firm’s Managing Director, explained that conferences offer some of the best career advancement tools. Our top performers are ready to build their contact lists, learn fresh insights, and explore all Dallas has to offer at the same time.

When it comes to networking at big industry events, we’ve found a few reliable strategies that help us return home with new connections. One thing we always remember is that we must offer something of value to set the stage for a productive relationship. A simple introduction to a likeminded colleague or a book recommendation can be more than enough to leave a lasting positive impression on a potential professional ally.

We also craft memorable elevator pitches in advance of any networking-rich event. Specific notes on the skills we bring to the table and current Absolute Consulting Group projects find their way into our pitches. We’re careful to do some research on the people we expect to attend each gathering. This way, we can tailor our pitches to the top performers with whom we hope to connect.

Richard and our top leaders are ready to make the most of the Dallas Conference. Follow Absolute Consulting Group on Twitter for updates from this and all our team travel events.