Honoring Mangcol’s Big Promotion

We’re always proud to highlight our top performers in the Absolute Consulting Group office. This is especially true when our people reach major career milestones, which is why we’re putting Mangcol in our company spotlight. He was recently promoted to assistant management and will be heading to Columbus, Ohio the first weekend in August.

Mangcol has become successful thanks in no small part to the training and coaching of Richard, our Absolute Consulting Group Managing Director. “I’m totally impressed by Mangcol’s skills,” Richard added. “I have full confidence in his journey as he continues taking steps forward in our business. We’re all looking forward to seeing how much he can achieve in Columbus.”

Going the extra mile has been a big part of Mangcol’s success. He’s never been afraid to take on extra duties or volunteer for demanding projects. Richard added, “Mangcol made his leadership potential known right off the bat, and he’s continued to refine it all along the way.”

In his new role as an assistant manager, Mangcol will be responsible for acting as a bridge between the smart energy companies we promote and the public. He will also strategize to help his team members reach lofty revenue goals.

Mangcol is a great example of what can be accomplished through our focus on merit-based advancement. Follow his progress by liking Absolute Consulting Group on Facebook.