We Love Small Business Saturday

Nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of our favorite days of the year: Small Business Saturday. We’re enthusiastic supporters of this day because Absolute Consulting Group is a small business with big goals. This year, we look forward to spreading the word about our consulting and marketing services as we support our favorite smaller operations. It’s an ideal way to get fired up for the last month of 2019 and build momentum for the year to come.

Started by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday has quickly become a major event for some of the most forward-thinking companies in the U.S. We’re excited to be part of the celebration once again this year, especially because we get to connect with other business leaders who share many of the same concerns and goals. Our Absolute Consulting Group contact lists always seem to be a little longer come Cyber Monday.

It’s essential for any company to practice sound ethics and maintain a winning team culture. These things are probably even more important for small operations, because they need to make the most of the talent they have. Our supportive work atmosphere is certainly a big part of our ongoing success. We know we can keep learning and improving every day because our leaders are invested in our growth. That’s a huge advantage for us in a competitive landscape.

Small Business Saturday 2019 will be a big day for us. To see how we celebrate it, follow Absolute Consulting Group on Instagram.