Networking for Career Growth: An Overview

Networking is essential for a variety of reasons. It’s the key to ongoing professional support and coaching. It often leads to business referrals. It also happens to be a catalyst for career advancement. In fact, our networking activities brought us to people who are now our Absolute Consulting Group colleagues.

Social media is a helpful relationship-building tool, but in-person contact is preferable if you hope to land an interview or some other type of career opportunity. Of course, ample preparation is also crucial as you make plans to attend a networking event. If you’re attending a job fair or conference, for instance, research the companies that will have representatives present. Store some important details in your mind as use them as discussion points.

When you apply for a job (such as an Absolute Consulting Group opening), you submit a résumé and probably some references. Why not have them on hand during the gathering as well? You might even create a special networking résumé – a shortened version of your standard document. Remember to include your references’ contact details. While you’re at it, keep some business cards and work samples on hand too.

Helpful knowledge and relevant documentation will help you make connections and brighten your professional future. What’s more, some timely follow-up will ensure that you remain vividly in the minds of your new contacts. Like Absolute Consulting Group on Newswire to learn more about networking and career growth.