Techniques that succeed

Our innovative methods spark real connections and get results.

Absolute Consulting Group: A Force for New Technologies

How We Drive Incredible Impact at Absolute Consulting Group

Inspire Energy relies on Absolute Consulting Group to be a passionate champion for their smart technologies and green energy options.

We maximize the impact that Inspire Energy makes on consumers and the world by giving people the information they need to move toward more sustainable lifestyles. Our numbers can’t be beat.

Our power comes from the strength of our team. We believe professional development is an essential investment. As our talent grows, so does our ability to connect the public and grow impactful customer acquisition campaigns. This unyielding pursuit of change makes the world more livable every day.

Our work allows the planet to get a little cleaner each day.

We’re committed to an office environment of collaboration and support. Learn more about our team!

Putting Worthy Causes at Center Stage

The great ideas of telecommunication companies and Inspire Energy need expert partners to help them stand out in the cluttered sea of advertising. Absolute Consulting Group has methods that won’t fail to get noticed.

Creating Communities Around Causes That Count

Our customer acquisition techniques are grounded in the development of real relationships. The work we do serves as a catalyst for local businesses and consumers to move toward green living, and to better connect with those around via telecommunication technologies.

Our Focus on Growth

Communities across Ohio need sustainable energy solutions. They need to have the ability to stay connected to their communities. Every time we interact with consumers, we tell them what they need to know to implement greener solutions, and smarter ways of utilizing telecommunications in their lives and businesses. Our enthusiasm is infectious.

Building Bonds

Absolute Consulting Group won’t settle for anything less than innovative thinking, and it’s why we’re so effective. By creating communities around sustainable energy, we’re saving the planet. By focusing on smarter technology and telecommunication solutions, we’re changing the future.