PRESS RELEASE: Absolute Consulting Group Launches New Midwest Initiative

BLUE ASH, OH – Absolute Consulting Group leaders are excited to announce that the firm is launching a new campaign throughout Ohio. Richard, the company’s Managing Director, discussed the steps being taken to ensure the new campaign sets sail smoothly.

The customer acquisition industry has never looked brighter, and Absolute Consulting Group is perfectly poised to capitalize on the opportunities for success available in the industry, according to Richard. The firm has a number of projects in the pipeline, with a major initiative being launched in the near future that will spread the company’s influence across Ohio – and beyond. This quarter will be an especially exciting time around the office, Richard shared, and he also pointed out that this is only the beginning for his team.

Absolute Consulting Group Steps for Ensuring a Successful Campaign

A major launch like the one taking place right now at Absolute Consulting Group requires careful planning, stated Richard. He makes sure to follow certain guidelines every time his team brings a new campaign to market so that he can produce predictably excellent results.

For example, step one is always understanding the goals of the initiative. This includes the needs of the client, the needs of consumers, and Absolute Consulting Group objectives as well. Richard starts with the big-picture targets, and then uses the SMART goal-setting method to break those down into Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound action steps.

Using these metrics, Richard and the team determine the launch priorities that will determine the order in which goals are achieved. Especially when it comes to bigger initiatives that require a high level of coordination and collaboration, it’s important for everyone to know what needs to be accomplished and complete those steps in the proper order of importance.

As the project begins to unfold, Richard keeps tabs on all the marketing and communication channels being used to promote the launch. These include the company website, blogs, and social media feeds. Also, if there are any larger events or trends that Team Absolute Consulting Group can use to create an even bigger buzz for their campaign, they seize on them. For example, the firm’s client, Inspire Energy, is part of the green energy movement, which is an increasingly important and relevant topic as climate change takes up more of the global conversation.

With these guidelines in place, Richard is confident that Absolute Consulting Group’s next campaign launch will take the Midwest by storm – and 2019 has only begun.

About Absolute Consulting Group

Absolute Consulting Group’s team members are the champions of clean energy in Maryland. The firm is the trusted partner of Inspire Energy, and its fresh customer acquisition methods have taken its reputation to new heights of success. This team is known for making it easy for customers and business owners to switch to greener solutions they can afford. Their impact on the planet is evident, and their passion for green energy options is at the heart of all that they do. Keep abreast of their successes by visiting