Smart Homes: Absolute Consulting Group Loves Technology

The associates at Absolute Consulting Group love how technology has made our homes smarter and therefore more efficient. From solar panels on our roofs to smart thermostats that save energy, our homes are becoming better able to make us comfortable and predict our needs. Here are a few of our favorite advances in smart home technology:


  • Turn Off the Lights: Gone are the days of following your children around turning the lights off after they leave rooms. Now light switches have occupancy sensors which recognize when a room is empty and turn the lights off for you.
  • Tech-Controlled Locks: Having to remember or find keys is a thing of the past with new smart locks. With keypad and smartphone-controlled options, you can also share codes with guests and contractors. Absolute Consulting Group associates love having less keys to carry around.
  • Information in Your Mirror: Whether you like to watch the news while you get ready in the morning or you want your mirror to catch you up on social media, smart mirrors can now display the information you want to read while you’re brushing your teeth.


Appliances that save electricity, water systems that detect issues and encourage conservation, and smarter security products are entering the market daily. At Absolute Consulting Group, we know technology that makes homes smarter also helps solve problems, all while making the world a better place.