How Travel Fits With Our Training Program

While we work with Inspire Energy, one of the most reliable names in clean energy, and our business is part of the green movement, it’s our Absolute Consulting Group pledge to training and growth that ensures our success. The foundation of our company is a comprehensive educational system that provides all the knowledge and skills professionals need to thrive in our field.

There are many facets to our training system, including one-to-one coaching and hands-on training, but by far one of the most fun and helpful training tools we use is travel. Our team members have chances to attend weekend retreats that help them sharpen their skills while getting to see what prospects exist in our industry for those who are willing to put in the effort.

Rich, Absolute Consulting Group’s Managing Director, just returned from a weekend event. “We attended a national quarterly conference, where hand-selected pros from across the country could take part in workshops, attend keynote speeches, and network with the best of the best,” he said. “This was a huge break for everyone who attended. I was proud to take Brack T., AJ, Dalton, and Dasha with me.”

Whenever we return from a travel opportunity such as this, it creates momentum that moves the whole company forward. To find out more about our learning events, follow Absolute Consulting Group on Facebook.