Two Exciting Promotions to Celebrate

It’s that time again. Time to highlight some top Absolute Consulting Group performers who have been elevated to higher roles within our company. Charlie and Justin, who happen to be two of our newest team members, have been promoted to the account manager level. Richard, our firm’s Managing Director, explained that these two dedicated pros are ideally suited to leading others to consistent success.

Charlie and Justin will eventually be responsible for teams of five to seven people. They’ll oversee the training and development of their team members and work with other account managers to develop winning marketing strategies. The next few weeks will be busy ones for these two standout performers, but we know they’re up to the challenge.

A few key traits make Charlie and Justin ideal fits for account manager roles with Absolute Consulting Group. For his part, Justin loves opportunities for growth. This means our culture is perfect for his ambitious team-building goals. Justin hopes to run his own office by next January.

As for Charlie, he’s always enjoyed working in a team environment. His short-term goals include staying in shape and earning another promotion. In the long term, Charlie also wants to open up his own office. We have no doubt that he and Justin will one day thrive running their own locations.

Advancement is the name of the game around Absolute Consulting Group. For more news on promotions in our office, check out our Newswire feed.